The above title seems apt enough, and will spare me the trouble of scratching my head for a further hour and a half before hitting “update” for the first time.

I will leave matters of form to the art this blog purports to celebrate, and focus on content for just a moment. Further updates aim to include:

  • upcoming and ongoing events, such as the Human Rights Watch Film Festival taking place this week in London or the more obscure but tremendously fun pop-up cinema screenings orchestrated by Film Fugitive (ever fancied watching a silent film in a church?)
  • a variety of film and media related events: production company Working Title’s Tim Bevan delivering a speech at Goldsmisths university or documentary filmmaker Sorious Samura’s characteristically passionate and humorous lecture at LCC are but two examples of treats that were not to be missed!
  • links and recommendations for workshops for film and documentary makers, which as a bonus always provide excellent networking opportunities (alongside Q&A screenings, of which you will hear me ramble about excitedly and endlessly!)
  • interviews with a range of exciting (there’s that word again! It is, though!), talented people from the film industry that I’ve tracked down or auspiciously bumped into as a journalism student. Lack of professional formality and a good dose of naivety have actually been beneficial in this endeavour.

Most of the above will be, for cause of London-dwelling, generally London-based and I do apologise in advance. The most important part of this blog however will be dedicated to film reviews, which in this day and age are available most everywhere except in places where The Powers That Be have taken offence or recoiled in fear at the potential impact some of the bravest and most talented filmmakers might have on their audience. This issue of censorship, inextricably linked to cinema, will most certainly be brought to attention though I do not wish to comment in any professional or even knowledgeable capacity: in fact, the same can be said of any and every article featured here. I wish only to convey my passion, experiences and mistakes as I venture into the world of filmmaking.

Hopefully we’ll garner a few laughs along the way, preferably at my expense.

  1. Kayleigh says:

    Attack health care your lady harder

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