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When monster-loving, forward-thinking New Zealand director Peter Jackson decided to shoot The Hobbit at 48 frames per second – twice the standard frame rate – he elicited some mixed responses.

The Hobbit is being screened in 48 fps 3D in a selection of cinemas around the world. One week on from its release, Film Watch went to find out what the audience think of Jackson’s latest innovation:

“I’m torn between the 48FPS feature. I think the increased frame rate cheapens the look of the movie a little but it increases the clarity in the 3D. I’m unsure of what he’ll do for the next films and the home release but overall a very good, fun, action packed film. Can’t wait for the next”.
– Jay Emery, 33

“I watched the film on IMAX screen at BFI and thought it looked beautiful. 3D is slightly better quality there I think and loved the look. I liked the realistic feel. I went with my boyfriend and my flatmate and his girlfriend who liked it as well.”
– Raivo Kittus, 30

“The sense of being in the cinema wasn’t there for me. It makes it look very “digital” . The 3D is much better and more realistic.”
– Dimitrios Kapatsoris, 28